record management

Record Management

Simply put, Records Management is the process used to record documentation content from creation phase to

disposal. Record management activities include creation, planning, controlling, organizing, maintaining, using, and

other managerial activities involved in order to achieve adequate and proper supervision and administration of

digital or paper records.


Documentation can be in the form of contracts, emails, videos, database records, paper files, electronic reports, or

memos. Regardless of format, the main goal of record management is to ensure that a company or a user has easy

access to any necessary documentation required for smooth business operations. RM can be summarized into three

life cycle stages:

l Creation

l Maintenance and use

l Disposition


Types of Record Management

Each company, no matter how large or small, adheres to some form of management solution. This is because it

helps with security, confidentiality, accessibility, and preservation of documents.


1. Physical Record Management

This type of management solution involves paper documentation. Physical solution involves typing, downloading,

or printing of key information onto paper, creating a system to store said trail, and finally, disposition of said paper

records. This is the type of record keeping I use for my intermittent fasting

system There are many ways one can opt to maintain their paper documentation. Every company, individual,

government agency has its own unique way of doing so. Some opt for having a simple and straightforward filing

system, while others take a more complex route of keeping their records. Physical RM solutions include the use of

folders, cabinets, and boxes. This method requires a lot of storage space and is best preferred by the older

generation. Paper records can be stored on premises or at a storage unit.


2. Electronic Record Management

This is the most preferred method today. It involves document scanning, capturing, indexing, and storing. This

method can be used to move a company to a paperless office and into the world of different electronic formats such

as PDF, JPG, and many others. Electronic solution requires no physical space as digital documentation can be

stored on storage media space such as an external hard drive, flash disc, in the cloud or even services like instagram


Benefits of Records Management

– Helps organizations run smoothly by making sure all information required for decision making and other

operations are available

– Improves office efficiency and overall productivity

– Improves company security by protecting its employees and customers rights

– Ensures no unauthorized access is granted into any confidential records

– Digital management helps free up office space

– Promotes efficiency throughout an organization

– Allows for fast and easy retrieval of documents and information

Imagine trying to run a university like Harvard without a proper RM system in place.


Backup Documentation

As part of RM, a company should also make strategic decisions regarding where they should store backup

documents to ensure that they are always secure, well preserved, and are easy to access incase of need. As the

saying goes, “You should not store all your eggs in one basket.” In events of a disaster or if company computer gets

hacked into to, it is crucial to have backup documentations safely stored at another location.


We have all heard about cases where a company’s account was hacked into and they were unable to retrieve any

documentation. It is better to be prepared for such scenarios. Store your data on an external hard drive or have

copies of your paper documents safely stored at another location. There are companies that one can use for such

services. Simply Google and find one that best suits your needs.


Data Destruction

As part of Records Management, a company should have a secure way to destroy outdated files to make room for

more up-to-date notes. As companies embrace new technology, there is also question of what to do with outdated

assets such as hard drives, PCs, laptops, flash drives, etc. Luckily, there are countless companies that deal with

such debacle.



If your company is in serious need of file management, you can always hire a records manager to be responsible

for all documentation. You can also purchase RM software to help you keep your annals in order…

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